Wi Signal Booster II, 2.4 GHz, 2W, 8 dBi, 2-Way Long Range Weatherproof Powered Antenna

Ideally suited for large indoors and outdoors venues such as concerts, weddings, conventions, sports, parks, museums houses of worship and more where any structural obstructions, visual distractions and concentrated WiFi interferences can be problematic, the Wi Signal Booster II 2.4 GHz, 2W, 8 dBi powered omni-directional antenna is designed to boost and hyper extend the signal range, strength and performance of the2.4GHz warless signal of the Wi Pro AudioMatrix Multicast Wireless Audio Systems up to Half-Mile (2640 Feet) radius signal coverage!

The Wi Signal Booster II 2-way bi-directional powered antenna is a direct replacement for the antenna that comes standard with the Wi Pro AudioMatrix Multicast Wireless Audio Systems. It can be mounted to the Wi Pro AudioMatrix transmitter and receiver or any 2.4GHz digital wireless system, hub or switch equipped with SMA or N-type external antenna port to send and receive WiFi signals in all directions and over longer distances.

The Wi Signal Booster II long range two way 2.4Ghz WiFi powered antenna supports standard WiFi network routers equipped with SMA or N-type external antenna port and takes existing internet connection and ¬extend the coverage through homes and outdoor spaces as well as in other buildings on the lot for stable secure network access when WiFi routers are not enough to provide a reliable wireless network in every area of your indoor and outdoor spaces.

This powerful, rugged, weatherproof powered antenna will punch through all types of indoors and outdoors signal barriers including glass windows, wooden and concrete walls as well as large trees for strong, consistent, nonfading signal! Great for RV, Big Rig or Boat use

Modern Design at an unbeatable price.