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Wi Pro AudioMatrix X8

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Wi Pro AudioMatrix X8
Immersive Digital Wireless Multicast Audio Distribution System
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Wi Pro AudioMatrix X8 Portable Stereo Digital Multicast Wireless Audio System

The Smallest, Most Advanced, Battery-Powered, Long Range, Super Configurable, 2.4GHz, 800mW Powered Antenna Stereo Digital Multicast Wireless System for Active Loud Speakers, PA Mixers and DJ Gear!

Elegant Simplicity, Superior sound, Professional Dependability!
The Wi Pro AudioMatrix X8 enable users to create a long range uncompressed 16bit, 48kHz CD quality, wide 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response digital wireless audio distribution matrix from one transmitter to up to 50 stereo digital wireless receivers without the need to route cables to speakers or run cables from one location to anothe.

Extended Signal Range, Strength & Performance Over Longer Distances:
The included Wi-SB800 Signal Booster 800mW, 8 dBi powered omni-directional antenna is designed to boost and significantly extend the signal range, strength and performance of the system over longer distances and it can be mounted to the transmitter or to the reciver to send and receive signals in all directions to overcome potenial wireless interference and setup challanges.

Relay Wireless Range Expansion Capability:
The Wi Pro AudioMatrix X8 enable users to mitigate the wireless coverage range and setup challenges including going around structural barriers by implementing a RELAY configuration to shape, mold, extend or even double the wireless distance coverage. A powerful feature never seen before on a digital wireless audio system.

Rugged, Superb Construction, Secure Fit and Mount Pocket Portable Design:
Designed to look, sound and configure like no other pro audio wireless system, This rugged, elegant, plug-and-play system features Wi Digital’s Seek-and-Link algorithms that enable receivers to search for audio stream acquisition and automatically link to the transmitter rendering manual pairing of transmitters and receivers a thing of the past! The Wi Pro AudioMatrix X8 transmitter and receivres are engineered with super strong aluminum chassies and universal mounting metal belt clip with 1/4”-20 screw mount that can be securely or permanently attached to the speakers and mixring gear including stands, tripods and bipods for elevated and unobstructed line of sight setups.
Extreme Power Flexibility:
The Wi Pro AudioMatrix X8 power source’s flexible design boasts an internal rechargeable battery for 6~8 hours of battery operation. Add the standard USB AA battery adapter or Lithium-Ion battery bank for up to 30 hours of extended use. No need to power down the system to charge or replace the batteries. There’s also an AC power adapter for continuous operation. You can even use USB bus power to charge and operate your Wi Pro AudioMatrix X8 power. Enjoy true freedom from power concerns.
All Inclusive Accessories:
This combination of audio performance, simplified setup, portability and all inclusive accessories with high quality golden tips cables lets you set up quickly and easily!
> No heavy cables
> No bulky gear to haul
> No Mounting or Configuration Hassles


Brand NameWi Pro AudioMatrix X8
SKU/Part NumberWI-AMP50X8
Product DescriptionWi Pro AudioMatrix X8 Portable 2.4GHz Stereo Digital Multicast Wireless Audio System with 800mW Powered Antenna for Active Loud Speakers
Country Of OriginChina
UPC Code Number899358002442
HTS Code Number8517.62.00
Product Shipping StatusShipping
Product/PackagingRetail Box
Product Dimensions11.3" W x 8.5" H x 9.7" D
Gross Weight6 Lbs
Master Pack Quantity 
Master Pack Dimensions 
Master Pack Gross Weight
QTY (1)Wi Pro AudioMatrix Transmitter
QTY (2)Wi Pro AudioMatrix Receiver
QTY (1)
QTY (2)
QTY (3)
2.4GHz, 800mW, 8dBi Powered Antenna
5dBi Passive Antennas
1/4”-20 Tripod Stands
QTY (3)Universal Mounting Brackets (For Speakers & Stands)
QTY (1)1/8" to 1/8" TRS Stereo Cable & 1/4" TRS Adapter
QTY (2)Mini XLR to Female XLR Cables
QTY (4)Mini XLR to Male XLR Cables
QTY (3)Universal USB Power Adapter with USB Cables
QTY (1)
QTY (1)
Powered Antenna Power Adapter
Carrying Case
QTY (1)User Guide

Product Highlights

• 2.4 GHz Multicast Stereo Digital Wireless System
• Powerfull 800mW, 8 dBi powered omni-directional antenna
• Manual Frequency Selection Capability
• Ultra-Fast System with 2ms to 4ms Latency
• Wi Digital’s Auto Seek-and-Link For Automatic Audio Stream Acquisition, Pairing  and Linking
• Ultra Portable Battery Powered System
• 48 KHz 16-Bit Sample Resolution
• 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz Uncompressed Frequency Range
• Balanced Mini XLR  Left and Right Channels and Stereo Line Level Ports
• Massive Pro Audio Instruments Support Including Active Loud Speakers, PA Mixers, DJ Gear and more
• Includes All Accessories and Carrying Case

Supported Instruments & Devices List:

• Active Loud Speakers
• Powered Monitors
• Amplifiers
• PA and Live Sound Systems
• Mixers
• DJ Gear
• Digital Multitrack Recorders
• Earset and Lavalier Microphones
• Professional Studio Monitor Headphones
• In-Ear Professional Personal Monitors
• MP3 Players & Devices with headphone jack


User Manual PDF File:

The User Manual provides detailed information about the product and step by step installation and setup instructions.

User Guide


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