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Wi Micro-In-Ear In-Ear-Canal Reference Monitors. Exclusive Look, Fit & Feel Noise-Isolating Monitors

Welcome to the latest innovation in Personal Reference monitoring!
Inside the Wi Micro-In-Ear Personal Reference Monitors you’ll find the product of our passion. A refined and perfected proprietary In-Ear-Canal driver design, engineered to deliver the highest sound quality directly and beautifully into the ear canal where it belongs. And of course, the sound that made Wi Digital Systems famous - brilliant instrumental sounds
and vocals with crystal clear high notes, defined mid range, and rich, powerful low end for an excellent sound experience.

The Micro-In-Ear Technology:
Wi Digital’s new Micro-In-Ear Personal Reference Monitors are uniquely designed using a very small 5.5mm proprietary precision balanced Neodymium single driver in a solid brass housing placed directly in the ear canal. This contrasts with most current in-ear monitor designs which are bulkier and may have multiple drivers located outside of the ear and utilize bore sound channels to project the sound inside the ear. The Wi Digital Micro-In-Ear driver placement inside the ear canal delivers a much fuller sound experience with deep bass and crisp high tones as the driver reverberates within the ear canal.

Practically Invisible!
The ultra-small 5.5mm, ergonomically correct, timeless minimalist design Wi Micro-In-Ear monitors are nearly invisible to audiences from any angle making you the center of attention.

Ultra-Comfortable Secure-Fit!
Designed to look, feel and fit like no other In-Ear monitors, the feather-weight Wi Micro-In-Ear monitors are incredibly easy to wear even for an extended time. Engineered with bendable metal reinforced ear loops, the Wi Micro-In-Ear monitors are superbly constructed to ensure a comfortable fit and secure placement, with practically no weight pressure on your ears.

Exclusive Tangle & Kink Resistant Cable
Wi Digital’s exclusive tangle and kink resistant cable is designed to resolve itself quickly and easily with a simple and gentle shake.

Wi Micro-In-Ear noise-isolating reference monitors can provide -26dB of isolation and passive noise cancellation when properly worn.

Designed to withstand heavy perspiration, the Wi Micro-In-Ear monitors can be used in all types of weather and environments


Wireless System Specs
Earphone Type: In-Canal Micro-In-Ear
Body Construction: Unobtrusive Almost Invisible Solid Brass Construction
Input Sensitivity: 91dB at 1000 Hz
Efficiency: 95 dB @ 1 KHz, 1mW
Frequency Response: 15 Hz ~ 20K Hz
Impedance: 16 ohms±15%
Speaker Configuration: 5.5mm proprietary precision balanced Neodymium
Noise Isolation: -26 dB
Input Connector: 1/8" (3.5 mm) 45-Degree gold plated
Cable Construction: Wi Digital’s exclusive straight-through left and right channels, low-distortion, tangle & kink resistant cable
with bendable metal reinforced ear loops
Brand Name Wi Micro-In-Ear
SKU/Part Number WI-SEMI5
Product Description Wi Digital SEMI5 Wi Micro-In-Ear Professional High-Definition In-Ear-Canal Micro-Driver Reference Monitors - Polished Silver Brass
Country Of Origin China
UPC Code Number 899358002343
HTS Code Number 8518.30.00
Product Shipping Status Available
Product/Packaging Retail Box
Product Dimensions 4.6" W x 7.2" H x 1.6" D
Gross Weight 0.70 lbs
Sub-Master Pack Quantity 10 pcs
Sub-Master Pack Dimensions 18" W x 5" H x 8.8" D
Sub-Master Pack Gross Weight 5.7 lbs
Master Pack Quantity 40 pcs
Master Pack Dimensions 20" W x 18.8" H x 9.8" D
Master Pack Gross Weight 25 lbs
QTY (1) Wi Micro-In-Ear Monitors
QTY (6) Silicone Ear Cushions S, M, L
QTY (6) Soft Foam Ear Cushions S, M, L
QTY (1) 1/4-inch Stereo Adapter
QTY (1) Cable Clip
QTY (1) Protective Hard Case
QTY (1) User Guide

Product Highlights:

• Micro-In-Ear Technology -5.5mm Proprietary Precision Balanced Micro Driver
• Solid Brass Housing Construction
• Practically Invisible - Ultra-Small, Placed Directly In The Ear Canal Design
• Sweat-Proof-Ultra-Comfortable Universal Secure-Fit Design
• Exclusive Tangle & Kink Resistant Cable With Bendable Metal Reinforced Ear Loops
◾15 to 22,000 Hz Frequency Response
◾Comply Foam and Silicon Ear Tips
◾1/4" Adapter
◾Shirt Clip
◾Hard Shell Carrying Case


User Manual PDF File:

The User Manual provides detailed information about the product and step by step installation and setup instructions.

User Guide

Product Brochure PDF File:


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