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Smart Pocket Portable, Stereo Digital Wireless Lavalier & Audio Monitoring System
The Smallest, Most Advanced, Smart Pocket Portable, Stereo Digital Wireless Stereo Lavalier & Audio Monitoring System For Video Cameras, DSLR, ENG, Digital Recorders, Tablets Smartphones, Live Performance & Stage Use with Built-in 2-Way USB 2.0 Wireless Audio interface for iPad, Windows Surface, TabletPC, MAC & PC Connectivity.

The new Wi AudioStream Pro AV 2.4GHz true diversity pocket portable stereo digital wireless microphone and audio monitoring system redefines the wireless experience for professionals who demand high quality audio for live performance, extreme portability and uncompromised universal audio connectivity to match today’s digital gear. Equipped with premium cardioid and omnidirectional microphones, this smart wearable system quickly interchanges from aa Lavalier MIC system to audio monitoring system with a simple swap of accessories while providing up to 100 feet of secure, uncompressed 16bit, 48kHz CD quality, wide 15Hz to 20kHz frequency response wireless audio connectivity without radio frequency (RF) interference, signal loss, or crackle inherent in UHF/VHF systems. The entire system can fit into the palm of your hand!

Elegant simplicity, superior sound, professional dependability, powerful high-speed processor with massive features simply unavailable from other wireless systems:

Smartphone Filmmaking Wireless Miking System:
The Wi AudioStream Pro AV ultra-lightweight lavalier and audio monitoring system is designed to bring that polished professional audio recording quality to Smartphone filmmaking. This wireless miking system can easily and discreetly be mounted to capture vocals clearly and consistently even when the user is in constant motion.

Superb Performance - Professional Grade - Nearly Invisible System:
The Wi AudioStream Pro AV ultra-lightweight stereo lavalier and audio monitoring system supports discreet stereo or mono redundancy miking applications with comfort and flexibility. The included high-end professional grade, ultra-thin lavalier microphones with 3.0mm in capsule diameter, and superb 20Hz -20kHz, 140 dB SPL max stereo unidirectional microphone capsules lets you capture superb vocals and amazing ambient sounds easily and accurately. The ultra-thin lavalier easily accommodates alternative mounting applications such as ties, shirts and more. The lavalier is engineered to provide extreme cable strength and moisture resistance with exceptionally low handling noise and rugged construction. Ideal choice for theater, broadcast, church, and general lavalier applications.

Digital Wireless Microphone System For iOS, Android and Windows Smart Devices:
The Wi AudioStream Pro AV brings the much sought after digital wireless miking to smartphones and tablets to transform these smart devices to powerful On-The-Go Audio-Visual production tools. This powerful system enables users to wirelessly connect an earset or a lavalier microphone and capture superb vocals and amazing ambient sounds easily and accurately on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Windows Surface, Tablet PC or any Smartphone.

In-Ear Monitors & Studio Headphones:
Designed from the ground up to provide the elegance of wireless freedom to professional in-ear personal monitors and conventional studio monitor headphones with exceptional sound experience - And of course, the sound that made Wi Digital Systems famous - brilliant instrumental sounds and vocals with crystal clear high notes, defined midrange, and incredibly rich powerful low end that will satisfy the most discerning professionals and audiophiles alike.

Untethered Simultaneous 2-Way Digital Wireless USB 2.0 Audio Interface:
The revolutionary Wi AudioStream Pro’s 2-Way wireless USB 2.0 audio interface enables users to wirelessly connect a microphone and an in-ear monitors to iPad®, Windows Surface® & TabletPC, MAC or PC computers for pristine, uncompressed, simultaneous two-way digital wireless audio connectivity. Simply plug the Wi AudioStream Pro EL Transmitter/Transceiver to the USB port on your iOS, Windows Smart-Device, MAC or PC, then plug Microphone and Headphones/In-Ear Monitors into the Receiver/Transceiver and launch your favorite recording software, App, or any Core Audio compatible application to play, record and monitor your sound. That's all there is to it. The possibilities are endless! - Enjoy uncompressed, pristine true digital USB audio streaming and monitoring with all of your computer’s essential audio controls, including volume, mute, track control, in the palm of your hand.  Ideal for virtual instruments, audio listening applications.

Web Conferencing, Lecture Recording, Presentations, Podcasting & VoIP Chats:
The Wi AudioStream Pro AV allows you to conduct web conferences and voice chats over the internet with support for most common calling applications including Webex®, GoToMeeting®, Skype® and more. Perfect tool for educational and corporate environment applications such as recording lectures, seminars, presentations, podcasting, online instructions and more.

Ultimate Cross Platform Compatibility With MAC, PC, iPad®, Windows Surface® & Tablet PC:
The Wi AudioStream Pro’s fast, plug-and play, USB 2.0 stereo digital wireless audio interface combines all the features required for professional wireless stereo audio connectivity for MAC, PC, iPad®, Windows Surface® and Tablet PCs on-stage, in-studio or at home with simplicity, ease and elegance. No drivers are needed!

Professional Filmmaking Camera and Smartphone Mounting Kits:
Rugged, Superb Construction, and Secure Fit. The Wi AudioStream Pro VA is Designed to look, feel and fit like no other wireless system. The compact and ultra-light 1.08 Oz transmitter and receiver are incredibly easy to wear and can be attached to belts, shirts and pants’ pockets without impeding body movement. Engineered with super strong metal belt clip with 1/4”-20 screw mount, the transmitter and the receiver can securely mount on a variety of camcorders, DSLR cameras, Smartphones or other A/V gear using the included hot shoe adapter and Smartphone universal mount.

Extreme Power Flexibility:
The Wi AudioStream Pro AV power source’s flexible design boasts an internal rechargeable battery for 4~6 hours of battery operation. Add the standard USB AA battery adapter for up to 13 hours of extended use. No need to power down the system to charge or replace the batteries. There’s also an AC power adapter for continuous operation. You can even use USB bus power to charge and operate your Wi AudioStream Pro. Enjoy true freedom from power concerns.

All Inclusive Accessories:
This combination of audio performance, simplified setup, portability and all-inclusive accessories needed for recording and monitoring your sound feed lets you set up quickly and easily!
> No heavy cables or bulky gear to haul
> No clumsy antennas
> No knobs to tweak

Wireless System Specs:
Transmission Format 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless
Bit Rate 16-bit, 48 kHz stereo Quality (Uncompressed Audio)
Frequency Response 15Hz - 20kHz 
Frequency Selection Auto
Connectors 1/8" TSR Stereo
Input Impedance 3.3K ohm
Max Input Level 1V RMS
Output Impedance <10 ohm
Max Output Level 700mV RMS
Stereo Line-in SNR >90 dB
Stereo/Mono Mic-in SNR >90 dB
Distortion 0.12% THD
Antenna Two internal Antennas
Wireless Range > 100 Feet (May be dependent on line sight, Range my very due to local conditions)
Input Support Stereo/Mono Mini Condenser Type Microphones and Stereo Line-in
USB Interface Full Speed Two-Way USB 2.0 Wireless
Remote Audio Controls Volume Up/Down, Play, Pause, Mute, Next/Prev Track, MIC ON/OFF
Rechargeable Battery Life 4 - 6 Hours (10-13) hours with optional AA battery power booster)
Power Input 5V DC, 500 mA (USB Bus Power)
Maximum Units Operating at the Same Time 9
WiFi Safe Yes
MAC, PC Support Yes (Plug-and-Play)
iPad, Windows Surface TabletPC
Yes  (Plug-and-Play)
OS Support MAC OSX, iOS, Win XP/VISTA/ Win7/Win 8
Mounting Metal Belt Clip
Dimensions 1.2" x 0.6" x 3.34"
Weight 0.068 lbs (1.0 Oz)
Wi Lavalier Specs:
Assembly Color Black
Lavalier Cable 1.4mm Cable 
MIC Capsule  3.0mm
Element Back Electret Condenser
Polar Pattern Omnidirectional
Frequency Response 20Hz -20kHz
Operating Voltage 0.8V - 5V DC
Sensitivity -35dB+/-3dB/Pascal
Maximum SPL 140 dB SPL max
Output Impedance 1.5KΩ±30%
Earset Weight 0.1 Oz
Brand Name Wi AudioStream Pro AV
SKU/Part Number WI-ASPAV
Product Description Wi AudioStream Pro AV Pocket Portable Stereo Digital Wireless Lavalier & Audio Monitoring System
With 2-Way Wireless USB Audio Interface.
Country Of Origin China
UPC Code Number 899358002381
HTS Code Number 8517.62.00
Product Shipping Status Available
Product/Packaging Retail Box
Product Dimensions 5.3" W x 9" H x 2.6" D
Gross Weight 1.60 lbs
Master Pack Quantity 10 pcs
Master Pack Dimensions 11" W x 14" H x 10" D
Master Pack Gross Weight 16.5 lbs
QTY (1) Wi Audio Stream Pro Transmitter
QTY (1) Wi AudioStream Pro Receiver
QTY (1) Wi Lavalier Microphone with Omnidirectional 20 Hz to 20 kHz Microphone
QTY (1) 1/8" to 1/8" TRS Stereo Cable & 1/4" Adapter
QTY (1) 1/8” to 1/8” TRS Smart Device Cable
QTY (1) 1/8" to XLR Mono Cable
QTY (1) 1/8” MIC Input & Stereo Output to 1/8” Adapter
QTY (1) 1/4"-20 Hotshoe Camera Adapter
QTY (1) 1/4"-20 Smartphone Adapter
QTY (1) Receiver Mounting Adapter for Smartphones
QTY (2) Microphone Cable Clip
QTY (1) Microphone Windscreens
QTY (1) USB Data Cable
QTY (1) Universal USB Power Adapter & Y-Split Power Cable
QTY (1) Hard Shell Carrying Case
QTY (1) User Guide
QTY (1) Quick User Guide

Product Highlights:
◾2.4 GHz Stereo Digital Wireless System
◾48 KHz 16-Bit Sample Resolution
◾Pocket Portable True Diversity System
◾15 to 20,000 Hz Frequency Range
◾Selectable  Mono-MIC/Stereo-MIC /Stereo Line-Input
◾Equipped With Premium Stereo Omnidirectional Lavailer Microphones
◾Suport for Smartphones, Video Cameras, DSLR, ENG, Digital Recorders, SmartDevices &Tablets
◾Suport for Web Conferencing, Lecture Recording, Presentations, Podcasting & VoIP Chat
◾ Full Support for Core Audio Compatible Application in MAC OSX, iOS, Win XP/VISTA/ Win7/Win 8
◾Two-Way Wireless USB 2.0 Audio Interface
◾Connect to iPads, Tablets, Computers & Smart Devices
◾Includes Hard-shell Carrying Case

Supported Instruments & Devices List:


-  Smartphone filmmaking applications
-  Spoken words applications
- Vocal and ambient lavalier miking
- Location or remote recording microphone placement
- Video camera, DSLR and handheld recorders wireless miking
- Audio monitoring applications
- Podcasting & VoIP applications
- iPhone and Smartphones wireless audio applications
- MAC, PC, iPad, Windows Surface, TabletPC, USB 2-Way wireless audio applications

Ideal For:

- Video Production
- Singing & Spoken Words
- Small houses of worship
- Health and fitness clubs
- Community theaters
- School classrooms
- Corporate presentations
- Computer speech recognition and vocal audio recording
- Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) capability for video conferencing and voice chats over the internet

User Manual PDF File:

The User Manual provides detailed information about the product and step by step installation and setup instructions.

User Guide

Quick Installtion Guide PDF File:

The Quick Installtion Guide is a quick step-by-step tutorial that provides a basic overview and highlights key features to get you up and running fast!
 While not a replacement for the User Manual, this is a friendly "hands on" guide that provides a good place to start to get familiar with this unit.
 Once you've gone through this Quick Guide, you can move on to the User Manual for more in-depth information

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