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Since 2008, Wi Digital has been the best selling and most loved SmartMic Stereo Digital Wireless Audio products on the market. Now the new SmartMic Digital Wireless technology brings many new and revolutionary features such as an advanced 2-Way Wireless USB Audio communications with massive multi-functional features including best possible customizable options and configurations not available from other wireless audio systems.

Wi Digital has the impressive rating of 4.9 from more than 2000 ratings.

Wi Digital products come fully equipped with customizable hardware and software options for added possibility of setting each configuration differently to match your needs. This breakthrough feature will greatly enhance your out of the box experience while reducing setup time to allow you to do what you do best ...Create!!!

Elegant simplicity, superior sound quality and professional dependability!

Wi Digital Systems was created to be at the leading edge in the development and manufacture of Long Range Multicast Digital Wireless Audio Distribution Systems, unique 2-Way SmartMic Pocket Portable Stereo Digital Wireless Systems, High Definition In-Ear-Canal Critical Listening Mixing and Mastering Reference Monitors, Professional High Performance Condenser, Miniature Microphones and  Wearable Technologies for Infrastructure Audio Installations, Immersive Audio and DJ Setups, Videographers, Presenters, Performers, Remote Working, Musicians, Students and Educators.

Our comprehensive lineup of ground braking smart all-in-one innovations include Stereo Digital Multicast, SmartMic and Smart 2-way Wireless Audio Systems for infrastructure and Live Sound Systems, Professional Cameras, Smartphones,  In-Ear Monitors, Microphones Guitars, Synthesizers/Keyboards, Drums. DAWs/ Virtual Instruments and Apps with imbedded 2-way wireless USB audio interface for MAC PC, iPad, Windows Surface, TabletPC and Smart Devices.